A.C. Physiotherapy & Muscle Release

Welcome to A.C. Physiotherapy & Muscle Release

Office Hours Mon, Wed, Thur. 12:20 to 5:30



Buckland- Mondays, Wed. ; Shellbrook -Thursday 

Openings: Shellbrook: August 1st

Openings: Buckland : July 31


Once booked in for initial appointments, clients are responsible for booking follow up appointments either while in office or online.  SGI/WCB clients included. ) 

             My Support Worker/Assistant is Angie Roode. Mon. Wed. she will return calls, finalize bookings and assist in the clinic.                                 


       RETURNING CLIENTS: IF I have not seen you for over 1 year PLEASE book 45 min.


  Physical Therapy Services Include:

RAPID Neurofascial Reset.        GTT & IDN DryNeedling.         Shockwave

LASER Rental               Acupuncture             Multi Radiance S.P. Laser.


Book your appointment today on line or text 306-961-1911..

You MUST get a" confirmation email " after booking, or your booking has NOT gone through or check SPAM..

A 30 minute appointment needs a 50 minute opening (due to cleaning and charting)

If you are not sure of your appointment location look at the bottom of the notification by my name (location is beside ) Allisyn (Shellbrook)

Cancelling an appointment: You need to text or call me to cancel an online booked appointment.


Service Fees:   Initial assessment/treatment-$100.00 , 

General Therapy follow up 30 min. is $60.00, and 45 min Treatment $85.00     

Shockwave 30 min. treatment is  $75.00  &  45 min.  is  $100.00

Acupuncture and GTT Dry Needling $65.00 for 30 min. and $90.00 for 45 min.

Multi Radiance Laser treatment for acute injuries (less than 48 hours)  20 min. - $40.00  


Laser Rentals

$70.00 per week. You need an assessment before renting a laser or a returning client.

Laser Rental: If not returned on the due date, you will be charged weekly rental rate until it's returned.





Offering rehabilitation treatments for sports injuries, motor vehicle accident injuries (SGI), work related injuries (WCB) and injuries related day to day living. Clients of all ages are welcome and treatment is provided in a safe and relaxing environment.

 Each treatment is customized to meet your specific needs by using a variety of assessment and treatment techniques that are best suited to you as an individual. When appropriate, you will be shown ways to manage your pain and improve movement using stretching and strengthening exercises.

Conditions treatment can help with include:

  • Back, neck, shoulder pain
  • Pain discomfort
  • Stiffness in joints
  • Headaches & migraines
  • Leg pain and Sciatica
  • Arthritic pain
  • Postural problems
  • Sports injuries

and much more........